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Place of Origin: CHINA
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Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: USD1/kg
Packaging Details: cartons, wood boxes
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Supply Ability: 10000000kg
Detailed Product Description
Departure: All Around The World
Such as:United States/Germany/Italy/Franceetc.
Destination: Shenzhen/beijing/shanghai/HK/ningbo/
Qingdao/xiamen/fujian/dongguan/dalian etc.
Flexible: Different Carriers With Daily Schedule From Different Cities Broker Speed: One day clearances
Door To Door: Pick Up From Factory & Deliver To Door Certificate: We have import licenses, documents
Trade Term: FOB/EXW/DDP/DDU Delivery Detail: Shipped In 1 Days After Payment

Common problems encountered in customs clearance of imported
Domestically imported foods are becoming more and more common. For food importers, there may be various problems in the process of customs clearance. The posters of the food-food clearance are the following responses to some common problems in food import customs clearance. Let's go and have a look.

Q: Is there a health certificate for food import clearance?

Yes. Most of the health certificates that are exported abroad are authoritative. This is a sloppy issue related to the safety of people's livelihood. If you do false testimony and deceive the customs, the trouble is even greater. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to provide health certificates for food importing abroad. import. After the customs clearance of food imports is completed, the domestic customs also conducts sampling tests on the batch of foods to prevent some of the unqualified commodities from flowing into the domestic market and endangering the safety of people's livelihood.
Imported food must provide the following documents abroad: Certificate of origin Health certificate or test report Others are nutrition component test report Packing list Invoice Trade contract. The documents required for different goods are not the same.

Q: Do you have to add Chinese labels when importing food?

Regarding the issue of the state's management of imported food in the domestic market, according to the relevant provisions of the "Administrative Measures on the Domestic Market of Imported Foods" (Guoguo City [1997] No. 432), imported food (excluding duty-free imported alcohol) should be based on China's food The General Standard for Labels and related regulations are affixed with Chinese labels and have the “Imported Food Hygiene Supervision and Inspection Mark”.

Q: What qualifications do you need to purchase high quality foods and imported foods globally?

The domestic principal business unit must have a food business scope in the company's business license. Certain imported food varieties require an import license and operate with a permit. For some imported food varieties, the consignee and consignor must go through the filing. For chilled animal seafood food, it must be stored in the designated warehouse registered and registered by the inspection and quarantine institution.

Q: Domestic ports need to find a matching imported food warehouse. What is the introduction?

Different ports have warehouses, and professional import customs clearance agencies will also provide port warehousing services.

Q: I am not familiar with imported food labels. What should I do?

You can ask a professional agent company or person to post the label. The Pinot team has a certain accumulation of food labels according to different countries. It can cooperate with customers to discuss food label design with foreign companies. This process is not difficult. After the final food import label is issued, it will be confirmed with the customer.

Q: What is the customs clearance declaration process for imported food? What documents do I need to provide?

The simple process of importing food is: the commodity inspection and registration of the consignee and consignor - the pre-examination of the commodity inspection label of the imported food - (after the food arrives in Hong Kong) inspection - customs clearance - customs inspection - release - (warehouse labeling) - commodity inspection Sampling inspection - issue a health certificate. In addition to the regular documents, it is required to provide foreign official health certificates, certificates of origin, import food consignees and consignors, label samples and translations, copies of business licenses, nutritional analysis and translations, and other core documents.

Q: Why do I need to obtain a health certificate during the customs clearance of imported food?

Undoubtedly, the control of food imports certainly needs to pass the test. Then the mark of passing the inspection of imported foods is to issue an import circulation health certificate. Relevant domestic policy control regulations can only be marketed if the food import circulation health certificate is obtained.
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