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Broker Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Rainbow
We Service: Door to door
Office network: China 's major ports

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: USD1/kg
Packaging Details: cartons, wood boxes
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Supply Ability: 10000000kg
Detailed Product Description
Departure: All Around The World
Such as:United States/Germany/Italy/Franceetc.
Destination: Shenzhen/beijing/shanghai/HK/ningbo/
Qingdao/xiamen/fujian/dongguan/dalian etc.
Flexible: Different Carriers With Daily Schedule From Different Cities Broker Speed: One day clearances
Door To Door: Pick Up From Factory & Deliver To Door Certificate: We have import licenses, documents
Trade Term: FOB/EXW/DDP/DDU Delivery Detail: Shipped In 1 Days After Payment

Electronic equipment guangzhou nansha port import customs cl

The features of import customs clearance are as follows:

1. Simple procedures: one-stop import and export service platform, providing customers with all foreign trade transaction services such as customs declaration, inspection, logistics, insurance, foreign exchange collection and tax refund;

2. Speed express: online service price configuration, real-time order tracking, and providing good customer experience;Normal delivery in one to two days.

3. Low total cost: including tax and fees, which are priced in kilograms.According to the regulation of national express duty, express duty can be reduced.

4. Security: pure service platform to ensure trade security;Free capital regulation to ensure foreign exchange security;Systematic service to ensure process security.

5. Wide application: express cargo declaration generally takes urgent cargo and small bulk cargo as the main products, or goods with strict supervision conditions and complicated and difficult procedures according to trade declaration and customs clearance. However, in actual operation, bulk cargo can be imported in batches by express cargo.

The following items are best suited for express declaration:

1. Small bulk, small sample and advertisement etc.;

2. Various products lacking certain documents (such as 3C certification);

3. Urgent goods that are too late to go through the formalities of trade declaration and customs clearance;

4. All kinds of products that want to save costs without VAT receipts;

Personal belongings

I. operation process of import transportation:

Preparation of goods - overseas export declaration - sea and air transport or express to Hong Kong and shenzhen - domestic transport to the door, the detailed operation process is as follows:

1. Goods preparation: wooden cases are preferred when goods are packed.MARK to make it easy to differentiate and log.In order to prevent the products from being lost, lost or damaged during the transportation from abroad to Hong Kong, it is recommended that the products should be palletized (with the exception of small quantity), and the weight of the pallet should be less than 1 ton.

2. Foreign agents pick up the goods and order the warehouses, and determine the mode of import transportation: according to the requirements of domestic consignees, entrust foreign freight forwarders to operate the warehousing and delivery of the goods exported to Hong Kong.

D, air import: if the value of the goods is general, bulk import transport to Hong Kong can be arranged by air.

Import by sea: time requirements are not high, large import volume can be arranged by sea transport: less volume by sea bulk cargo LCL, large volume by sea consider shipping FCL.Shipping bulk cargo must be palletized, which can greatly save the transportation cost, which can improve the customer's profit.

Fedex and international express: if you only have a few samples, you can arrange DHL, UPS and other express companies to pick up the goods directly at your door.These international delivery companies can provide door-to-door delivery services!Import and export customs transport companies are completed by its one - stop, so very convenient!

The agent book the warehouse and arrange to take the goods to the warehouse of the overseas consignor for inspection, counting, photographing and loading.Send nail polish to shipping terminal or airport for export declaration.

3. Export declaration is completed, ship or plane, sea or air to Hong Kong.After boarding the plane, the airline will issue the air waybill to the foreign agent.The shipping company will issue an ocean bill of lading to a foreign agent three days after the date of departure

B: yes, the consignee on the air and sea bill of lading must write the name of yuanlong (Hong Kong) co., LTD.

If it is sent by express to Hong Kong, the consignee on the express bill will write the warehouse location of yuanlong (Hong Kong) limited.

4. The goods will arrive in Hong Kong, and customs clearance and delivery will be arranged

After the goods are delivered to Hong Kong by air, air or sea, yuanlong (Hong Kong) co., LTD. Will deliver the goods to the warehouse of Hong Kong ocean or Hong Kong air cargo to the warehouse of Hong Kong ocean via ocean bill of lading, customs clearance, and payment of port incidentals or air cargo expenses.

This is the Hong Kong warehouse location

The air cargo warehouse has a free time of 3 days and sea cargo warehouse has a free time of 6 days after the cargo arrives in Hong Kong.There will be room rent after the free period.

Ren: Hong Kong is a free trade port. There is no import duty on goods imported to Hong Kong. Only HKD350 yuan/ticket registration fee is required.

You can take the goods to the warehouse after they arrive in Hong Kong and declare to the customs within 15 days.

5. Yuanlong company accepts the customs clearance services of customers after delivery from Hong Kong:

Yes, the customer will send the goods directly to the warehouse in Hong Kong and then import the customs clearance from Hong Kong to shenzhen.

Well, after the customer has the goods ready in Hong Kong, if the customer needs yuan long company to go to Hong Kong mainland to pick up the goods to the warehouse for Hong Kong, the pick-up fee will be charged.

After the air and sea cargo are transported to Hong Kong, the client can entrust yuanlong company to complete the exchange, pick up, customs clearance, trailer, disassembly, loading and customs clearance of sea and air cargo after the cargo arrives at Hong Kong.

6. The import of goods is not directly sent from abroad to China, but needs to be transferred from Hong Kong to China for the following reasons:

D: Hong Kong is a free trade port. There is no tariff on import and export goods.

Based on the geographical advantage of shenzhen, Hong Kong can enjoy certain tax deductions and exemptions according to the national regulations and regulations on Hong Kong's specific entry and exit express.

Clearance, from Hong Kong import mode to shenzhen, simple procedures, do not require the owner of the special declaration, customs clearance documents, permits.

7. Arrange import declaration for Hong Kong to shenzhen:

After the goods arrive at the warehouse in Hong Kong, colleagues of the Hong Kong company count, sort, take photos, pack the containers or cars after sorting, make packing list and import invoice, and declare to the customs in the way of express import or LCL import customs clearance.

Import mode of transportation by weight, full price, free of customs duties and other charges.

8. Tax inclusive import method:

Customs clearance of LCL and LCL:

Import customs clearance: refers to the declaration to the customs in the form of samples. Large quantities can be delivered in batches, only from Hong Kong to shenzhen.

9. Documents required:

1) PACKING LIST of imports;

2) import INVOICE;

Other documents are free of charge: no certificate of origin, inspection certificate, etc.

10. The customs clearance is completed and the goods are transported to the shenzhen warehouse for payment and delivery

To the warehouse in shenzhen, disassemble the cabinet, enter the warehouse, sort out, count, take photos and inform the customer to pay.

After paying, the customer will pick up the goods at the warehouse in shenzhen

After payment, clients from abroad can entrust our company to repackage nail polish and make wooden shelves.Deliver to all parts of the country through domestic logistics companies.

Ii. Limitation of goods import:

1. It will take 1-3 days to pick up the goods and apply for export declaration

It takes about 3-35 days to ship to Hong Kong from abroad.

3. It will take 1-3 days to airfreight to Hong Kong from abroad.

4. It will take 1-3 days to get to Hong Kong by express delivery from abroad.

5. It takes 1-2 days to pick up the goods from the airport to the warehouse in Hong Kong after air transportation to Hong Kong airport. Generally, the goods cannot be picked up immediately after they arrive at Hong Kong airport.

6. It takes 3-4 days to deliver the goods to the Hong Kong warehouse after the goods arrive at the Hong Kong port by sea. Generally, the goods cannot be picked up immediately after they arrive at the Hong Kong port.

7. After loading the containers in Hong Kong, the goods can be shipped to shenzhen within 10 working days from the date of shipping.

8. After loading in Hong Kong, goods can be imported through customs clearance and transportation to shenzhen within 3-5 working days.

9. Domestic transportation can be sent to the door within 3-4 days.

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