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Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: Rainbow
We Service: Door to door
Office network: China 's major ports

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1kg
Price: USD1/kg
Packaging Details: cartons, wood boxes
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, etc.
Supply Ability: 10000000kg
Detailed Product Description
Departure: All Around The World
Such as:United States/Germany/Italy/Franceetc.
Destination: Shenzhen/beijing/shanghai/HK/ningbo/
Qingdao/xiamen/fujian/dongguan/dalian etc.
Flexible: Different Carriers With Daily Schedule From Different Cities Broker Speed: One day clearances
Door To Door: Pick Up From Factory & Deliver To Door Certificate: We have import licenses, documents
Trade Term: FOB/EXW/DDP/DDU Delivery Detail: Shipped In 1 Days After Payment

Outdoor Tool | Climbing Rope Import Clearance Process 


Outdoor Tool | Climbing Rope Import Clearance Process 

Documents of Customs Clearance:

1.First, confirm the customs code and material of the climbing rope. 
Each cargo has a corresponding customs code (climbing rope: 56074900.00). If you find the customs code exactly, you will know how much tax should be paid and know the corresponding regulatory conditions. Not agent company says how much is how much! Climbing rope material has polyester, nylon, chemical fiber, etc., import to indicate what kind of material.

2.Import customs clearance port. 
The import of climbing rope is basically without regulatory conditions and designated entry and exit ports, national ports can import and export. However, in order to save costs, it is necessary to know the requirements of each port in advance, and the supervision conditions of import and export of some climbing ropes are limited. At the same time, we should also choose a powerful foreign trade company as the agent. Our company is an old company with 17 years of customs clearance experience, with strong qualification and safety and reliability. (tel: ms lu 18676968525)
 3.Documents of importing
1. Air or Marine bill of lading (B/L),
2. Packing List (original) (Packing List)
3. Invoice (original) (Invoice)
4. Contract (original)
5. Essential list of goods declaration and import agency agreement (our company provides templates for your company to fill in)
6. Third-party test report (special climbing rope needs to be tested)
7. Certificate of origin (preferential tariff)
Ten asean countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, brunei, Vietnam, Laos
Laos, myanmar, Cambodia.
Five asia-pacific countries: South Korea, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Laos
4. Procedures for customs declaration :
Delivery and delivery waybill → making the waybill → making the waybill → checking the documents → sending the data to the customs → issuing the waybill → delivering the waybill → releasing or checking the goods → picking up the goods
Arrival of goods:
(1) Chinese label (can be operated before the goods are shipped)
(2) change the order and take delivery of the goods into the designated supervision warehouse
(3) sampling for commodity inspection (about 5 working days)
(4) the results -- single customs declaration, this time can be printed at the same time labeling
(5) tax payment (1-2 working days)
(6) the commodity inspection shall make spot checks to check whether the labels are labeled and the quantity changes
(7) delivery
5.Matters needing attention
1. The shipper should prepare the documents in advance and not have to struggle many times.
2. If the carton must be labeled, it is suggested to put a label on it when shipping abroad (label information: product name, color, ingredients, country of origin and manufacturer, net weight).
3. For special type of climbing rope, third-party inspection report should be made in advance.
Duty on most climbing ropes is 5%, VAT 13%. Other types of specific consultation small series.
SEEHOG international logistics co., LTD., specializing in the import of customs clearance international logistics services, service organizations distributed in 10 coastal cities (Hong Kong, shenzhen, dongguan, guangzhou, Beijing, xiamen, Shanghai, suzhou, hangzhou, ningbo, Qingdao, tianjin). The global transport agent network covers 110 countries and regions, and provides more than 200 international routes, among which 8 major routes including the us, Germany, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan can provide door-to-door transport and double clear delivery service.

SEEHOG international logistics co., LTD., specializing in global import transportation, import customs clearance, export declaration, Hong Kong storage transit, frozen food storage and distribution and international chartering agency. Focus on import logistics services, such as import air and sea, import customs clearance, import commodity inspection, import warehousing, import transportation, insurance, documents, Hong Kong inspection, customs filing, chartering agent, container shipping, import and export rights, domestic trailer transport, warehousing and other businesses.

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